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Email Consulting for Constant Contact

I am a Solution Provider for Constant Contact,  For Particulars of it’s effective methods of helping you cut down your advertising costs and ways in which it can help you obtain and retain prospects, customers and members of your business, organization, or charity, just call me, email me, or text me at the email address, or cell phone #listed below to set up a time & day to set an appointed time for us to meet:

Ray Morgan


Contact Informaation

Click on the link, above, to setup a 60 Day, Cost Free (No Charge Card Required) Account, with Constant Contact to try out yourself (it will be fully supported, in order to help you accomplish your desires, by Our Expert Personnel, so why not)!


Photography Services




Executive Portraits –

Business portraits may be taken individually or in a group. Generally speaking, they are in an office environment or a desk given that your company has such an office space available, otherwise just a blank area approximately 10′ X 20′ should work nicely. During your session, photos will be taken from both sides of the person, to insure a good image.

It is my passion as well as guarantee that you will be pleased with your sitting(s) and selection(s), or we will be willing to re-shoot your sitting(s)! Charges for setup and photography fee is $10./ person photographed, which includes 2 – 8 1/2″ X 11″ color image files on a group DVD, CD Computer disk, and which will include an uninhibited local use license for the next 12 months on each photograph!

Brochure, or Catalogue Photography

5 page minimum, each page may contain up to 2 individual items ONLY (but may contain upto 4 photos of  a single item page), 8 1/2″ X 11″ format with a Title Page/Cover Page (in addition to the page minimum), delivered in digital PDF file format, or a simple JPG of each page, saved to a normal CD disk, 300 DPI ready to deliver or to print to your local printer. Extra pages, shot at time of original setup are charged at $10./ page.  Charges for setup and photography is inclusive of our $250. fee

Individual Item and/or Product Photography

Product Photography -

Setup and Photography fee – $25., this includes setup, shooting and delivery of up to 5 items (food, automobiles, retail items, restaurant interior photography, etc.).  After photography, a final copy, cd disk will be provided to the customer that contains a  jpg file copy of each item (with a local use license) for your company’s use.

Each item, over the minimum, five, will be charged at $8.50/ item, or an additional 5 items for $6. / item over the first 10, your choice!

Hard copy photographs of  the above category’s  can be had at the following rate:




Cost of 1st Print

Cost of 2nd On,

Of Same Size

20″X’s………..$ 109.95

$ 60.00

16″X’s………..$ 79.95

$ 50.00

11″X’s………..$ 39.95

$ 20.00

8″X’s………..$ 19.95

$ 10.00

5″X’s………..$  9.95

$ 5.00

4″X’s………..$ 5.95

$ 3.00



Thank You……….Ray Morgan

email Address: Ray@TheRWM.com

Windy@70 copy

Cell Phone #: 479-285-3728

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