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This is where you want to download our new pdf, that we compiled for the Top Online 14 Web Business Directories.

Those are the first things that we internet consultants want to do for your business (especially new businesses), in order to quickly bring new visitors to a website.

Generally speaking the charge for this service is around $199., it does take a bit of time to do this, but it isn’t complex, or difficult, in fact, it’s quite straight forward, if you have the time!

In order to do this yourself all you need are 3 things:

  1. A computer, with an internet browser

  2. An internet connection

  3. And the time it takes to fill in some information on the business directory forms.

So if you fit this description and want to get started this is where you may begin. The download link, above, will download the zip file to your computer, or to any hard drive you would prefer, by clicking on the red link & telling the link where to be saved.

It is a compressed file ( in a zip format) so when it is downloaded, find it in the directory, you’ve chosen, right click on it, then select open, or un-compress. Once it un-compresses, you will have it in an Adobe PDF file format.

Double click on that PDF file and it should open to your screen and you may read the beginning, then follow the procedures of how you go about getting your business on the various Business Directories listed for 2016.

If you wish, you may even list your business on 2 other Bonus Directories, we included, that we listed, although those two, you will have to pay a fee to be listed on.

Any questions, or problems in getting started, just give us a call and I’ll try to assist you with an answer or two.

Please do take advantage of this offer, as it can be the best thing you’ll ever do to boost the visitors that come to you, either through your website, or to your location, either way, you’ll win!
Cell/Texting # – (479)285-3728


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