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In a recent interview Harpreet Grewal Constant Contactwith “The”, by Writer,

My job heading up Constant Contact is by far my most rewarding career role, as we help more than half a million small businesses grow their business through email marketing. I come from a long line of small business owners, and once launched my own business, so I know firsthand just how hard it is and the many sacrifices it takes to go it alone.

I’ve never forgotten the challenges, which is why it’s so great to focus my energy on helping small businesses overcome those very same obstacles. Our customers know they don’t have to do it alone. There’s no greater satisfaction than helping these talented, determined and passionate folks realize their dreams.

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Why Should Online Businesses Use Email Marketing?

Building online customer relationships can be tough. It’s hard for small businesses to cultivate customer connections – the kind that bring customers back again and again – when so many more interactions are online. That’s where email marketing comes in to help!


 Insights Like These, and much more, help level the playing field for
small online businesses going up against much larger competitors.


    1. With the right email campaigns (and it’s not that hard), small businesses can promote their brand, let customers know of what’s new, provide tips, offer promotions (think on-line coupons), and generally stay top-of-mind with their customers.

    2. With email service providers like Constant Contact, businesses not only gain an email marketing tool but also, essentially, a CRM. They can build customer and prospect lists, as well as take a look at detailed analytics that provide a window into customers’ like and dislikes.

Join with us for the next 60 days To build a journey of a lifetime: Offer Us Your business with a thriving Potential and see what a terrific team can do for your prosperous future. By taking a chance, at no cost to you (not even a credit card) you could secure your future, by choosing not to you may never know what could have been!



Be Sure to Read The Following 4 Paragraphs, As They Are The Most Important, In Explaining Why YOU WILL WANT CONSTANT CONTACT
To Assist You In Acquiring The Desired Goals For Your Business’ Future, They Are That Important!

  1. An email isn’t just an email; it’s the starting point and connection to social, mobile, and a variety of other marketing tactics. Many online relationships begin on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, and while these networks are great at sharing your presence with your existing audience and potential new customers, you don’t have much control over who sees your updates.

  2. However, with email, you control the message, when it goes out, and who receives it. Your subscribers have made a decision to give you permission to contact them and are waiting to hear from you.

  3. The beauty of using Constant Contact is that it helps a small business market like a big business. With Constant Contact, small businesses develop permission-based email lists, benefit from industry-leading deliverability rates (meaning their emails won’t end up in someone’s spam filter) and use professional looking email templates that look just as good on someone’s desktop computer as they do on a mobile device.

And of course, with our incredible support staff available on the phone, online, and in-person at free seminars, our customers know they don’t have to do it alone.

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